Is It Normal for an Indian Ringneck to Feed a Lovebird?

Is It Normal for an Indian Ringneck to Feed a Lovebird?

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Do you know of anyone who makes cages for disabled birds? I’m looking for something probably made of plexiglass for a Congo. He/she is about 7 weeks old. Has a bad right leg. He is standing on his left & seems like he will perch. 

I’m going to be moving him into a plastic bucket that I can make perches for. If he learns to perch, I’ll be looking for a cage. It was an option to have the leg removed.

I hate to have the leg removed if I don’t have to. It would get caught in any cage bars of the birdcages on the market. He’s a rescue that would have been put down if someone hadn’t taken him the day I got him. He’s such a sweet bird I hope to make his life as easy as possible. I really don’t want him to live in a plastic bucket :). Kathy’s Klutches

Hi Kathy – don’t overthink the cage. Plexi would work against the bird physically as it would offer nothing to grab. A regular cage would be fine and if all possible the bad leg should be left intact.

A corner shelf or 2 to be installed for sure. Clear navigation paths within the cage will be helpful – the bird will figure it out – here’s a video to help illustrate the problem as I understand it:

I wish my Congo African Greys leg was more like these big birds’ legs. It comes out on the side of his body about an inch from his tail & faces inward towards his body. He can scratch his head great :). I have been working it & it seems to have more motion now.

He gets so mad at it. He tries so hard to pull himself up to perch on his bucket. I’m really not sure if it will stop him. He works so hard to get around. If I can get him to learn to perch is the main thing.

I won’t let him spend his life on his stomach. Just wouldn’t be much of a life. He is supposed to be about 7 weeks old ( I was told he was 4 weeks when I got him ). He’s already so big & has a great personality. I just don’t have much experience with this & would love any advice I can get :). 

Have you thought about starting a Pinterest board with these video’s? Maybe save a few babies from being put down if people see how well they can manage :). Thanks for all your help

Treat him like a normal bird except for the additional shelf perches. You can also mount ladders horizontally.

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  1. A cage suggestion: what about looking at cages for other small non-climbing animals like rabbits? You could still put in perches, but if he falls, he wouldn’t have so far to fall down. I use a small animal cage for my canary because it’s much longer than any bird cages and the bars are both vertical and horizontal, like a basket with 1/2 inch square spaces.

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