Nutrition for My Indian Ringneck Parakeet
yellow indian ringneck parakeet feeding in cage

Nutrition for My Indian Ringneck Parakeet

Last Updated on by Mitch Rezman

Mitch can you give me some information on nutrition for my IRP?

For whatever reason, he is a picky eater, unlike most as I have read. He hardly eats any seeds. I currently feed him cream of rice with Harrison pellets and I put the missing link ultimate avian in it.

I can’t get him to eat hardly any vegetables/greens as I offer them daily. I give him mixed vegetables with added corn and he eats mostly the corn and picks at the rest of it. He does well with fruit, grapes, apples, kiwi, bananas.

He likes the Higgins worldly cuisines Tuscan dream.

I feed him human food also, meat, and other foods that are allowed. I’m very concerned that he’s not getting all the nutrients he needs and was hoping you could help me out with some suggestions. I have tried a lot of your products Nutri- berries, dried fruit to no success.
Thank you,

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Crystal Warren

Hi Crystal

It sounds as though you’re actually doing a pretty good job covering all the bases. If you know that he is eating the Harrison’s, he’s getting optimal nutrition, especially with your use of the missing link ultimate avian – Everything else needs only to be supplemental at that point


Our Cockatiel Popcorn turns her nose up at nutri- berries but she devours the Avicakes Nutri- berries Like a little crack addict:-) FYI Lafebers products are engineered for complete nutrition. Much like Harrison’s pellets – I’d say stand the regimen you’re on because from what you telling me your bird is in fact getting optimal nutrition


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