Are Sprouts Good for My Pet Bird?

Are Sprouts Good for My Pet Bird?

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Janet C. relates,

I read that sprouts can be good for your bird and OMG Rascal seems to like Bird sprouts a lot.

However, stores around Chicago seldom carry them and do not carry any other type like they used to.

So… can any seed mix be sprouted? If so what is a good technique?

Catherine replied

Dear Janet

Sprouts are great and tasty. They used to be very commonly sold retail until there were a number of cases regarding e.coli that caused them to lose favor in the stores.

They are very simple and safe to grow at home.

Yes, you can use almost any seed, but the issue with most birdseed mixes is there are usually items in the mix other than just seeds.

Like dried fruits and veggies or small pellets. All of which will interfere with clean sprouting.

You can purchase sprouting seeds in most stores or online.

We have a few seed options available on our website for sprouting.

You can order a fancy sprouting container or you can use an empty mason jar.

Here is a Youtube video on it:

Once you have sprouts, It is best to float them in a shallow water dish so they don’t go limp.

Thicker sprouts like soybean or sunflower will be meatier than alfalfa will.



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