Our Roof Is Getting Replaced What to Do With Our Birds?

Our Roof Is Getting Replaced What to Do With Our Birds?

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Ann L. asks about ~Roof and Parakeets

A friend referred me here as I have 2 older Parakeets – 8 and 13 1/2 years old.

They fly free living on top floor condo 24/7 although very aware of the cage, choose not to go inside probably because their play areas provide great comfort so they sleep in them also in different sections according to seasons it seems.

They are supervised 24/7.

However, an upcoming roof replacement/repair project is of much concern due to the obvious very loud, unexpected rhythm of banging that will occur.

Would like suggestions as to how best to keep them safe without being frightened in their home.

Word is, you are the best source of sensible information and guidance for our feathered friends in your weekly Sunday Brunches. Any assistance is appreciated. 😊

Dear Ann

This is a slam dunk answer.

Put them in their cage and get them onto a lower floor or another location altogether until the construction is done. If the cage is too large to move, then get a smaller cage and use that.

Regards, Catherine

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