Problem Hatching Cockatiel Eggs
Problem Hatching Cockatiel Eggs

Problem Hatching Cockatiel Eggs

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 I have a question I have 2 cockatiel male & female they lay ton’s of eggs
But I’ve only been able to hatch one and I had to take it and hatch it in my incubator but I’ve never been able to hatch any more I’ve tried to let her hatch the eggs on her own, it doesn’t look like my Male is fertilizing them any more
I don’t know what to do ?? could U offer some advise I’d appreciate any help U can give

There are a number of reasons for no babies.
It can be any of these and more.
Are you candling the eggs to see if they were fertile before you finally discarded them?
That would be a good thing to check.
If they are dark inside they were fertilized, if clear, they never were. 
The hen may be too distracted by the male bird vying for her attentions again and not sit on her eggs long enough to keep them warm and thus finally hatch. 
These are but a couple of reasons, age is another.
You don’t mention how old they are.
I do not know the breeding age span of a cockatiel, but if too old or too young that can be a problem.
Are you also beefing up the calcium for the hen?
If she is laying a “ton of eggs”, without it, she will suffer physically in time as the calcium is taken from her body to produce the egg shells. She should only have 5-6 eggs per clutch, if she has more, perhaps the male is a female and there are two laying hens, not a pair.
Plus you should leave the eggs for a month before removing the dead eggs so she does not keep laying more. 
You may need to separate them to give her a break, but she will need to be hopefully out of ear distance of the male, given more dark time, 12 hours or night, 12 hours of day so she breaks the laying cycle.

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  1. my female cockatiel layed 2 eggs in a pot, and then 2 egg in another pot she is hatching 2 eggs which she layed on 2nd pot but not hatching the 1st pot eggs , what should i do ? please suggest

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