Random Bird Care Questions Answered

Random Bird Care Questions Answered

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No one’s favorite chore is taking out the trash. Today we not only have household and work waste but recycling as well. The 21st century brought us “digital” clutter. files, images, emails, and sometimes stuff gets lost. Here’s some stuff I found in my digital dust pan. 

Budgies in the Bedroom

Hi…I was just reading some information on your website about where to place a birdcage. We Have a birdcage in our oversized master bedroom, however, I read that bedroom is not a good idea. 
Why?? We have 6 parakeets in a huge cage and have had them in here for a year or so…

They seem to love it as do I… thanks – Linda

If it is working for you, don’t fix what’s not broken.

Generally, birds may not do well in a bedroom because:

#1 They may wake up earlier than you and will wake you up.

#2 You may keep them up later than they should.

Birds should have 10-12 hours of undisturbed so as not to be over stimulated. They may consider breeding due to increased day light.

Excessive breeding can deplete their calcium levels and cause early death in females and egg binding.

Covering their cage with a bird cage cover will help prevent these problems or put their cage in another room.

#3 Parakeets, may not be a problem, but larger birds can be affected negatively by witnessing sex so they would not belong in a bedroom at all.

I hope this answers your questions.


Can I put 15 – 20 budgies in one outdoor aviary?

Generally speaking, Budgies will breed better in a colony than simply a single (male/female) pair. 

A big problem with placing a number of mixed-sex budgies in a single cage is the issue of fighting. Colony breeders will do better in a colony than just 2 budgies but not all birds are allowed to breed in a colony.

One or two pairs will most likely become a “dominant pair” not allowing others to breed. Thus you can lose control of colors you might be seeking.

One male will service many females in a single cage but one female in a cage with many males will end up “exhausted” (for lack of a better term) or even injured.

Females not allowed to breed in this scenario will simply drop their eggs to the bottom of the cage. The introduction of additional calcium (cuttlebone) is highly recommended

Also, the noise will be much greater than having the same amount of birds in individual cages and any bond between you and any of the birds is unlikely.

If you decide you want to raise “aviary budgies” I would suggest two cages housing each of the sexes with a third designated breeding cage big enough for one or two pairs of budgies. 

Do the dimensions stated in the birdcage listings include seed guards?

The listed cage dimensions do not include the dimensions for the seed catchers. In general figure an additional 10 inches side-to-side and front-to-back. Using the seed catchers is optional, we don’t suggest using them, they are just another thing to wash and the birds do manage to toss things beyond the seed catchers anyway.

Lighting for Dometop Bird Cage

I have a dome A&E cage and I am looking at the lighting on your site with the wire bottom where the light stands. How do you attach it to a domed top?

The light comes with a square frame with legs that easily fit a domed top cage. The light fits on top of it and the legs are set on top of your cage, including rounded top cages, they are best secured with plastic/nylon cable ties.
My bird loved his and played more in his cage after it was installed than in the 15 years prior.

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