Red Front Macaw Parrot

Red Front Macaw Parrot

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I have a Red Front Macaw… fairly rare and usually NOT listed anywhere, so don’t feel too bad!
Depending on which source you rely on, Red Fronts are either the largest of the mini-macaws or the smallest of the full-size macaws.

So they fall into the medium-large or large category. Generally, about 24″ in length, weight between 400 – 500 grams (mine, for example, last weighed in at 423g) but with a HUGE wingspan – unclipped, their wings can reach up to 36″.
Bit more trivia – this is the only parrot that can fly straight up, hover, stop & change direction in mid-air and fly backward!
Truly amazing to watch.
I’ve taught Murphy a few fun tricks: One involves him taking off from my wrist straight up, turning in place a full 360 degrees – sometimes twice – then landing right back down on my arm.
I figure if you are going to send me a coupon, you should at least get your money’s worth, so now you know a little bit more about the Red Front Macaw.
Thanks for the informative website, and I will be browsing your cage selections more.
Mary D. M.

Murphy – Red Front Macaw (at about 2 years)

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Catherine Tobsing

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