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Sally Blanchard

Sally Blanchard

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If you’ve had a parrot for any length of time you’ve heard the name Sally Blanchard. She is providing in depth information and incredibly talented artwork for more than 30 years. she’s been a regular contributor to Bird Talk magazine since 1988.  

Author of one of the best sources of information on errors in the marketplace the Companion Parrot Handbook providing 244 8 x 10 pages of information on how to best raise companion parrots. It’s considered a benchmark for books about raising these. Animals.
There’s ever been a problem that anyone has ever account encountered while raising a bird Sally has written about it in detail. Whether you have trouble introducing your bird to strangers bird to strangers, have a problem with a bird named only one personal or family or you’re not sure how to bathe your bird, Sally Blanchard has written about it. As an illustrator she’s produced a profound collection of original color pencil artwork.
Sally has written indent a specific species, big and small Macaws, African Greys, Amazons, Caiques and has covered topics ranging from a feather destructive behavior to winning the trust of a re-homing bird and even a book on parrot humor. If you’ve ever encountered a screaming bird she’s written an entire book on the subject.
An amazing project that she’s been working for years is her Glossary of Ornithological and Avricultural terms with four classifications – body language – toxins -illness and nutrition.
Terms like AURICULAR FEATHERS – (The feathers that cover the region of the ear openings) and LADDERING – (This is a patterning exercise used to teach a parrot to step from one hand to another. laddering should be done slowly and should not be used as punishment.) are both hard to find specific information on Finding both of these terms in one place is indeed, rare.

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