Seeking a Play Stand for My Macaw Parrot

Seeking a Play Stand for My Macaw Parrot

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The AE5-2828 is a great Macaw stand because we were told by many Macaw owners it’s a great Macaw bird play stand. Our responsibility is to the birds, “we took them out of the sky and it’s our obligation to provide the best care possible” our mission statement.

 The dowel perch may be a tad small for Macaws feet but I wouldn’t dwell on it. We’re told by many AE5-2828 buyers “the only place he stands is on the side of it” on cold tubular steel having a smaller diameter than either of the perch we recommend introducing toys and or food to the ring area in an attempt to bring him to the center.

Rope wrapped around the perches will not only make them more inviting, but it will also challenge the bird’s feet for better foot health and offer preening opportunities
Parrots will always poop on the floor. They will sit on top of a cage and poop over the edge onto the floor. So we get a cage with seed guards and they sit on the edge of the seed guards and poop on the floor. Or they jump off their stand and poop on the floor. And if it’s not on the floor it’s on the grate of the stand or the cage. 
If you have a bird, you are never not cleaning poop. This is the nature of an animal with a standing heart rate of 200 bpm. If your bird’s pooping on your floor is a problem we recommend an office chair floor mat or piece of sheet linoleum which is much easier to keep clean than the 40 plus individual bars on the grate of the stand.
 At the end of the day, we take a bird that would cover 50,000 – 100,000 acres of land in its daily search for food in the wild and expect a birdcage and or play stand that occupies less than 10 square feet to solve the animals captive needs. There is no such device found at any price. 

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