Should I Get A Conure With 4 Cats And A Dog In My Home?

Should I Get A Conure With 4 Cats And A Dog In My Home?

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Leahloveskittens writes

I am a teen in the process of saving up for a green cheeked conure while I’m still in school.

I have done a lot of research on them.


The problem is that my family also has 4 cats and a dog.


I was planning on getting a tall cage and putting in a corner so the bird has a corner to retreat to in case of a cat attacking somehow, but now I’m worried that I just shouldn’t get a bird at all so I don’t make it get hurt.


Is there a way that I could safely have a bird with cats?


Should I try to get the cats to be used to the bird first?


Or should I keep the birdcage in my room so I could watch it when I’m home?


Catherine replied


Are the cats young and active or old and fat?


If young and active they will be interested in your bird.


Are the cats indoors only?




Or are they allowed out and if so, they likely will chase birds, etc. and will then also prey upon your bird.


Even if they don’t actively attack the cage (climb the bars, slap the cage) they could just sit and watch the bird which will stress the bird.


The dog, what kind of dog?


A terrier is a hunter, many other dogs are as well.


If the bird flutters to the floor, it can be grabbed and killed in a flash.


The cage would need to be large and heavy enough that neither animal could knock it over which means you would need a cage that is wrought iron and not a thin wire cage.


It would need to be at least 24″ wide so if a cat stuck its claws upon it that the bird had a lot of room to retreat.


That would be an investment of at least $200.


Will you be wanting it to be tame and sweet?


That means you must handle it daily.


When you get up in the morning you need to spend time with it.


Not just talking to it through the cage bars and going to school and be gone for 10 hours and then when you come back just talk to it through the bars again while you prepare for dinner and homework.


These are just a few things to think about.





I would like to add that if you are planning on going to college, have you thought through plans for new GCC caregivers while you are away?


At-the-end-of-the-day, all birds are prey animals and the majority of cats and dogs are are predators.  


I would advocate waiting until you occupy your own bird-safe living space.





Mitch Rezman

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