How Do I Convince My Budgies to Come Off That 13 Foot Valance?

How Do I Convince My Budgies to Come Off That 13 Foot Valance?

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Rosemary asks,

My present parakeet, Kiwi, lost her friend Snowy on 2/19/23.

Two and a half weeks ago I adopted a new parakeet friend for Kiwi, Lemon. 

Lemon came out of the cage and has been perched on my 13′ valence since day one he has been here. 

Kiwi comes in and out of the cage during the day. 

Now Kiwi sleeps up there with Lemon during the night. 

One needs a 10′ ladder to get up there. 

I had many kinds of birds and never had this problem. 

I placed the seed cup on top of the cage, and water but won’t come down. 

I initially placed the cup on top of the kitchen cabinets. 

Two days ago I removed the seed cup from up there as I don’t wish to encourage that. 

Now she is looking for it there. 

She sees Kiwi eating on and in the cage but won’t come down. 

They do like each other. 

She must eat and drink. 

Any ideas? 

Thank you, Rosemary.

Dear Rosemary

No more food on top of the valence.

Can you get a net or a sheet and toss it over the bird to catch it? Perhaps turn off the lights and hold a flashlight and get it then.

Then clip its wings this one time. Your bird needs to learn where home is.

The wings will molt out over a few months and by then the new bird will know where home is.

Kindest regards,


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