What Species of Parrots Make the Best Pets?

Let’s start with parrots falling under a definite no. 

Kea for one. The New Zealand Alpine parrot lives in the snowy mountains and is really smart but extremely destructive.

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A Better Bird Video Series For Training Birds And Their Humans

Just as the name implies, this is a series of quick and easy ways to help your birds stay happy and healthy around the clock.

This is a series of short but incisive ideas you can apply today bringing you closer to bird care nirvana.

The number of things necessary to provide foraging enrichment for your birds can be found in a series of quick and simple ideas.


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What Should I Do for a Hormonal Male Caique, 17 Years Old?

Donna L. asks:


What should I do for a hormonal male caique, 17 years old?


Screaming while holding a toy with his beak on the cage bottom or screaming while hanging on the cage bars, screaming at 2:30 AM.


Losing weight, killing any toy he can find, and just starting to pick at his chest and bottom of his foot.


Editor’s note: I suggest a magnified visual of both feet bottoms seeking any sores or irritations. Endnote


Stopped eating his pellets (Harrisons), I have combined them with other pellets, not interested. Will eat them if I soak them in water and mix them with cooked bird rice and spaghetti.


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Should I Get a New Bird in Spite of Having Two Dogs?

Should I Get a New Bird in Spite of Having Two Dogs?

Joanne C. Inquires


Dear Mitch and Catherine.


Our 22-year-old sun conure recently passed.


She was a family member her entire life.


We occasionally look at bird rescue sites.


My hesitation is we have 2 dogs that limit just how much a bird can be out of the cage.


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Should I Get A Conure With 4 Cats And A Dog In My Home?

Leahloveskittens writes

I am a teen in the process of saving up for a green cheeked conure while I’m still in school.

I have done a lot of research on them.


The problem is that my family also has 4 cats and a dog.


I was planning on getting a tall cage and putting in a corner so the bird has a corner to retreat to in case of a cat attacking somehow, but now I’m worried that I just shouldn’t get a bird at all so I don’t make it get hurt.


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Find Out How Much You Know About Keeping Birds With This Exam – Even Earn a Certificate!

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Gemma Parakeets and Cockatiels Mixing in Cage/Aviary



We are loyal patrons of WCP and look forward to the Sunday brunch every week. Perhaps this topic has already come up, but it is a question about bird species.


We have 3 parakeets that get along well although they did not grow up together. All are rescues. We are thinking about adding a cockatiel to the family and are wondering about cages. So, the parakeets have a large cage (approx 2.5′ H x 2′ W X 1′ D) and we have a smaller cage (about 1.5′ HWD) that is just lying around empty.


First question: would a cockatiel require a separate cage or could they all sleep together in the same cage?


Second: Assuming that they cannot share a cage, would you recommend the keets in the smaller cage or leave them in their current habitat?


Third: Would cockatiels and parakeets be competitive/territorial in an open space (like an aviary)?


Thank you for any advice you have on this.






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