Should I Get a Quaker, Ringneck, or Conure?
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Should I Get a Quaker, Ringneck, or Conure?

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Kayla writes to ask:


I’m stuck between getting a conure or a quaker (ok maybe an Indian ringneck too), and could really use advice on what current owners think.


I’m hoping to find a best friend who wants to be involved, cuddly, silly, and maybe even say a few words eventually.


I mostly don’t want one who screams and screeches all day.


Is a quaker on the right track?


Catherine responded,

I think conures are beautiful, but the volume of their calls kept me from getting one. 
I did get an Indian Ringneck baby and taught him to talk early. I find that he, they, Ringnecks, seem to prefer to talk over their natural calls. 


Even with each other, they will chatter in their cute baby voices “Hi, hello, kisses, etc.” their call is loud and piercing but doesn’t go on for long unless they are upset. 


We now have a quaker and he chatters on and on all day. He does know a few words but usually only uses them when his head is in his food dish or inside his hut. 


Otherwise, he is commenting on anything and everything and every one morning until night. 


The calls are not especially piercing thankfully.


If you have a home with curtains, padded furnishings, carpets, the calls of most birds won’t seem as loud as if you have wide-open rooms, no curtains, wood floors, and little to absorb the calls.


MitchR adds:


Despite the coin shortage I’m going to jump in here and add my two cents


Kudos for exploring multiple species but you are not granular enough in your search.



Our rescue African ringneck Keto talks, he knows a few phrases.


He will say “pretty bord” and if you engage him he will say “pretty bord” 7 times in a row ~ 9 times a day ~ be careful what you wish for.


Quakers are plump little birds with short tails.


Ringnecks are long-tail birds so right off the bat you have housing considerations.


Ringnecks also come in assorted flavors like African ringnecks, Indian ringnecks, and assorted Australian ringnecks.


Three sizes three continents.


Asking about getting a conure makes me chuckle.


Respectfully there are probably a hundred and twenty species of conures.


How Many Conure Species Are There? You’d Be Amazed.


The green cheek conure weighs in at about 64 grams almost half the size of a cockatiel.


close up of green cheek conure against white background


The Patagonian conure weighs in at about 280 the size of a Timneh African grey.


burrowing parrot aka pategonian conure DickDaniels (







So asking what kind of conure I should get is like asking what kind of car should I get a Ford or Chevy?


You can’t get reliable information without asking the right questions.


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  1. . . . or a Caique (White-Bellied or Black Headed). Probably the perfect size (about the size Robin), talks a little, gorgeous appearance, and loves humans . . . maybe too much, e.g., frequent loud squawks when wants attention . . . after 20 years, it got really tiresome. Yes, be careful what you wish for.

  2. A Quacker all the way, full of personality.

  3. And if I may add, after you’ve sorted through your criteria some more, that you check with rescues and see which are waiting for adoption! I have two of my type, and even though you may lose some of their willingness to cuddle and less talking perhaps – I think it’s way better, they are so socially oriented.

  4. If I may! In 2001 I went to our local aviary looking for a conure. There was this cute little bird in a tank next to the register so, curious, I asked if I could handle it. They said yes, I could handle her! So I walked around and talked and petted her head and feathers. When it was my turn to look at the conures, green cheek, I played with it a little and put a down payment on it. I went back to work and all I could talk about was this little bird! She is a white crowned Pionus Parrot! I also didn’t want a screeching bird and she never would. I called them immediately back and said that she had stolen my heart! My girl will be 20 in June and I’ve never been sorry. I’ll let Mitch tell you more about these adorable and loving birds!! I would look into one!!

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