Where Do I Find Off-hour Emergency Veterinary Care? (and much more)
Where Do I Find Off-hour Emergency Veterinary Care? (and much more)

Where Do I Find Off-hour Emergency Veterinary Care? (and much more)

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A while back I wrote about 

Help! My Bird’s Egg Bound but the Vet Won’t be In Until Tomorrow.

I was talking on the phone to Dr. Byron de la Navarre recently about avian vitamin D3 testing (under wraps during research) when we got off-track for a moment and began a conversation about veterinary emergency care for birds.

So your task for today after you’re done with brunch is to find a local emergency care veterinary facility (if you have one in your area), make a note, and put it on the refrigerator

Many of you feel the need to always be acting out a Disney movie with lots of species under your roof, so here are some general “poison” sites that offer phone support for many types of pets.



Also, consider Just Answer where you can talk to an avian vet online 24/7 (fee-based)

Katie asks

(Ionizers) What about the charcoal in the pouch type???  Thanks. 

MitchR replies

Ionizers are not to be used

but charcoal is fine Katie.

It’s not a bad idea to keep a small dish of charcoal (think aquarium filter grade) on the cage floor.

If a bird starts to nibble at it, the bird may be becoming sick so make an appointment with your avian vet.



Colleen Bryant asks

Dear Mitch!

Usually “get” some good information and/or laughs from your blog every week!


I am still wondering if I could get more explanations of the 12/12 concepts of lighting!

My feather baby is Joey! A 40-year-old Panamanian Yellow-headed Amazon!


He is a healthy, happy, loved, and loveable spoiled baby!


His diet is probably one you probably scream about but I’m still learning and reading everything and going through all the gambit of him rejecting most “bird foods”!


He “calls” to his people (me) several times a day! Haven’t found a solution yet other than to start repeating “whoop” after every scream and he will start repeating after me!


Thanks for all your information and help with our babies! God bless you!


I love this particular Species (birds) of God’s beautiful creations!



Appreciate the kind words, Colleen.

Keto our ringneck will begin a “conversation” when you return to the room even if you’ve been gone for a minute – for each person.


His cage sits on a chest-high counter and he greets all visitors –  as an example.


To your point about the 12/12 light thing

Macy’s quality answer


New subject


Can you use a plant light for parrots?

MitchR replies

short answer yes

We recommend starting with full-spectrum lighting no more than 6 inches over the top of the cage, on a timer.

12 hours – 12 hours off

The helps to stabilize your bird’s circadian rhythms.

Here’s more on the subject of light cycles for birds.


Best – MitchR

How Pet Bird Keepers Get The Lighting Thing Wrong


Beth Sarik writes

Good Morning,

Is there any brand of air purifier that you recommend? I’ve done a lot of research and came down to two.

Oransi and Rabbit Air.

Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.


Hi Beth

Thank you for reaching out

My favorite air purifier


This may help with additional answers on bird purifiers for birds

Best – MitchR

New subject

I bought a used cage that has wires cut out of it to put a nest box up since it was used as a breeder cage.

How do I repair this hole to keep my cockatiel safe?

Try a “fryer screen” whole or cut it to size.


fryer screen


Secure with cable ties




The reason for staying 5 feet away from other people during treatment is not due to infection risk although that might come later, it is due to the person emitting radioactive material. 


Please do not advise people unless you do your research.


NotedI am a nurse and have had to treat patients like these.


I do not know how much risk the radiation is to the bird.


That is a question for the vet. 

Here is an article for your enlightenment.

Mary Penn, RN


facts gif


That’s a wrap

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