New Bird Cage for Half Moon Conure Parrot
Prevue Pet Bird Cage Cover 12506 Fits Parrot Cages 50"

New Bird Cage for Half Moon Conure Parrot

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Thank you very much,Mitch!! Can I use the 12% off on the cage only
or can I buy other items too and get 12% off them?

The reason I want this particular cage is because I got a Half Moon conure on May 22 and I brought him home in a cage like this. My friend wants her cage back and I was planning on moving him to a bigger cage.

His name is Maxwell and he has no interest in his new cage and keeps returning to the safety of his small one. He has had
at least 2 previous homes before coming here and this is his forever home. I love him dearly!!

Any suggestions on how to get Maxwell in his new larger cage or should I give in and buy him this travel cage?
All my birds are out of their cages during the day and get put in at bed. But he hangs out on top and when I put him in his new cage, he acted like he was being punished. What to do? Thanks again, Jill

HI Jill

First off we have a new promo on the site where everything is 12% off with no coupon – so yes you’ll get 15% off any cages or supplies you order

Travel cages are a good idea for vet trips emergencies and so forth.

As for introducing a new cage make sure it’s built and inviting, favorite toys, treats and so forth. When you look at the new cage, does it provide a “privacy” area?

Remember parrots are prey animals. They need to feel secure. Just like we as humans like shades on our windows and doors that close. If your bird doesn’t feel comfortable in his or her cage, they’re not going to like to enter the cage.

Your cage should have at least 10 toys in the top 1/3 of the cage.

We feel bird toys are like the leaves of tree they’d be living in the wild.

When you get the new cage, put it in the room woth the old cage, close. Let your bird get used to it, climb on it – make it fun. Timing also has a lot to do with it. Your bird should anticipate “birdie bedtime” at the sime time nightly. Because parrots are primarily

This article may be of some help


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