USPS Parrotlet Bird Food Vandalism

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I (Dana S.) from Buffalo, ordered a Parrotlett seed to be delivered to my parents home; Don R., Schaumburg . The box was delivered at 1:30pm to my parents home and had been soaked in what they believe to be Kerosene. The postman stated that they are aware of it. The Kerosene soaked through the box and soaked the bag of seed. Please help, my parents need the food ASAP for their bird who ran out.

Sounds like vandalism, if the box was left out, some children may have poured something on the package. Terrible. It may have been Lighter fluid too which is easy to pour into a mail box or on a package unnoticed.

On Sat, Dec 1, 2012 at 2:38 PM, dana wrote:

Hi Catherine,

I just took some pictures of the box and parrotlet food that my parents had received damaged on 11/30. My father told me that the box arrived from the post office in two clear plastic bags. 

The mailman hand delivered to my father who had been outside at the time. The package couldn’t of therefore been vandalized at their home. My father immediately smelled a strong odor and noticed the box was wet. When my father asked the mailman right then and there what happened the mailman replied he didn’t know, however that the post office was already aware of it. My father’s entire garage smells from this box, and from the liquid soaking into the bird food. It actually smells like Turpentine or some sort of paint cleaner for paint brushes.

I just wanted to say thank you for acting so quickly to resolve the problem. It is greatly appreciated. I hope the pictures help. Please reply back just I know you in fact received this.

Thanks much again

Dana S 

Dear Dana 

Thank you for the pictures. Mitch called the post office on Friday and expects to follow up as well, our mail is picked up from inside our store daily by the post office and what does not make the 1:30 pm pick up, is hand delivered by us about 3 pm to the inside of the postal terminal in our area. It is never left outside. 

Somehow it was contaminated by the post office and then was bagged up and continued on to you instead of returning to us. 

I am very surprised that they would have not destroyed it and then sent us a notice. They do not allow flammable substances to be shipped, no matches, etc.

Someone screwed up, but I doubt a lot will be done about it. 

Hopefully your parents received the replacement from us on Saturday and you will still entrust with the safety and needs of your birds. 

Thank you.


Dear Catherine, 

There is no need to worry. I am well aware of how you and hubby operate your business. I have purchased $1,000’s of dollars on bird stuff (when you were in your old original place in Chicago) and some on the Internet.

Your husband one time even delivered a cage we purchased for our Cockatoo, and he helped us to assemble it. If I remember correctly, I believe he mentioned he was raised in Buffalo Grove which is where I live. I know that both of you do your best to operate a professional business. I use to also visit you at the Rolling Meadows Bird Show. I’m not sure exactly what happened to the bird food that I purchased, but I do know that you would have never sent it out like that. If I recall correctly you use to own a yellow plucked bird in your store. I will continue to order and trust you both, as this was just an unfortunate accident. 

Again, I greatly appreciate your efficiency in correcting the matter.


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