Video of the World’s First Red Factor African grey
Video of the World's First Red African grey

Video of the World’s First Red Factor African grey

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Breeders are always experimenting seeking new outcomes by tampering with DNA.

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Mary L. comments,

I enjoy your weekly emails & learn from them.

Wish people would stop breeding them in the USA for sale on online breeders, pet stores.

People who buy online or a breeder do not understand the commitment or years of care. How to get this message out saddens me.

Parrots are social birds & need a flock whether that is their human or in the company of other birds. Single parrots can cause problems if their human does not spend most of the day with them.

I have 4 over the age of 20 & 1 young cocktiel who I purchased at a local pet store, reduced in price because it was not selling & just sat under bright lights & a toy They have since not put up for sale a cockatiel.

My 6 flock are healthy, entertaining & stimulating with a TV PBS presentation in the AM & public radio when the TV presentations end.

We have become a close family of birds & cats who accept the birds & know not to mess with them . I tried the lights early on but they failed.

So the lights do not benefit the birds more than a bird flock, quality food, clean cages can give. Mine live in the basement of our house with a Bose radio with a CD, a 50″ TV. & a gas fireplace plus baseboard heating in the winter. I spend time with them cleaning cages & watching TV with them. A

basement setting might sound dire but they are happy with the sun filtering in on the West thru the windows

With regard to the red African Grey,

Why ? The african grey is beautiful in its grey color & red tails.

What purpose does altering breeding?

Only for human recognition to be the first to produce a red African Grey & then post them for sale at an exorbitant price ?

How will this breeding affect their longevity their health.

If you want a red bird look for a female Eclectus but be aware they need to be in a flock human or bird or the calls they make will be unbearable to you or your family.

I tried two in my home & it came down to a divorce or rehoming my Electus girl.

Fortunately the local bird rescue took her in & found a home for her.

Lets stop bird breeding & all bird import.

There are not enough homes to adopt/buy birds & commit a long time to care for them & daily clean up after them, clean cages & provide a quality diet of seed mixes & fresh fruits & vegetables.

Look at the Quaker who has undergone multiple color changes & why -for money as they sell for more .

They are beautiful in their original plummange of green. For Show or profit.?? appluning to hear about this breeding.

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  1. what kinda pisses me off is like the only thing known to realy affect parrots Beak and Feathers disease they dont have a vaccine for but they working on this bull. like there are already parrots that are red.

  2. realistically if its just a breeder and knowing how people are its probably just a rare albino type mutation.

  3. we already understand colormorphs in a complex way though, it was broke through with skin color in humans, The mendel pea experiment was a severly heavly controlled experiment yielding only a very specific results, when in actuallity breeding anything including those two different pea plants yielded a vast array of results, Think of a plinko machine many things enzymes etc acting like pegs or rubberbands that bounce a ball around till it travels that path and ends at the end which is you. not a perfect grid that will yield a specific out come there is randomization in our character sheet building so to speak. heat cold amount of horomones specific dna from one parent dna from the other parrent, its much more complex which is why its better to think of genetics like a topographical map instead of a clean neat pie chart.

  4. I’m not a fan of genetic manipulation. Don’t mess with nature. you will create genetic issues and disease variations within the bird.

  5. A red African Grey is not a surprise from nature. It is because man keeps screwing around with nature! Leave nature alone.

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