What Are The Best Pellets For Caiques Coming Off Weaning?
Couple of Caique, White Bellied, Pionites leucogaster, seven-color Parrot

What Are The Best Pellets For Caiques Coming Off Weaning?

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Bilquis asks

I have a pair of Caiques completing weaning in about 4 weeks from a breeder.

What kind of pellets would you recommend?

The first choice is organic pellets.

I buy almond slivers, walnuts, pecans, cranberries, dried mangos, dried figs, prune, chia seeds, reasons and in bulk for us so I was planning to use that for treats and foraging.


This is a staple of things on our family’s counter.


Can the birds eat this since it is organic and salt-free?


Do I need high-performance pellets (Hari Prime), Hagen Gourmet, Harrison’s, etc?


I’m not a fan of Zupreem since it has sugar in it.


Help, please.


I’ve watched many of your videos and love your foraging ideas with Peaches and The Breakfast Club. Lol. 


Dear Bilquis

Two Caiques?

That will be a handful, but it should be wonderful.


Because you are in Canada I would highly recommend sticking with the Hagen line.


Hagen HARI bird food category



3 Bird Food Lines produced by Hagen Hari 


It is very good, local to you and serves so many different bird needs that you should be happy with them.


If available, Tropican High-Performance Parrot Granules would be your first pellet choice to get your young bird get used to eating pellets, the higher fat content helps with the appeal.


Then later you can move to Tropican Adult Lifetime Parrot Granules for the lifetime of your parrot.


That with all the good foods you mentioned along with a good multivitamin like Hagen Prime sprinkled on the veggies, etc should serve your bird’s nutritional needs.


Thank you


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