Does It Look Like My Caique Is Getting Stress Feathers?

Susan F. is concerned,

I just noticed a patch of black on Seymour’s right side just now. 

Should I be overly concerned about this enough to get her in to see the vet? 

I have been giving Seymour 1/2 of a strawberry almost every day for the past two weeks. 

Could that be causing this? 

Also, I have been trying to file Seymour’s nails with a crystal file for the last several weeks on Sundays to get her used to it and to do a little at a time…perhaps 5 mins because she pulls away so often.


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What Should I Do for a Hormonal Male Black-headed Caique?

Donna L. asks,

What should I do for a hormonal black-headed male caique, 17 years old?

Screaming while holding a toy with his beak on the cage bottom or screaming while hanging on the cage bars, screaming at 2:30 AM.

Losing weight, killing any toy he can find, and just starting to pick at his chest and bottom of his foot.


Stopped eating his pellets (Harrisons), has combined with other pellets, not interested. (more…)

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This is Not the Way To Fix Your Bird’s Dry Skin

This is Not the Way To Fix Your Bird’s Dry Skin

Stacey W. relates:

Hi! I have a beautiful 2  1/2-year-old caique named Sir Herbert (Herbie for short).

And he has been exhibiting increasingly excessive scratching over the past months.


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In Response to “Do You Serve Your Pet Bird Chop?”

Sherry L. comments:

Yes, my birds are fed ‘chop’ (Arlo the grey, calls it ‘bobbity’) This is a new term for what I have done for 28+ years.

Chop is chopped veg, grains, and sometimes, a tiny bit of seed sprinkled on top or a bit of walnut, or something.

I used to cut the vegetables larger because Arlo was pretty accepting of lots of things, and I didn’t have a food processor.

I also (now) feed Arlo a pelleted diet, along with the chop.

She also gets a small amount of fruit, and sometimes about an inch square of chicken breast (baked) or some steamed scallop (yum).


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What is a Good Quality Seed Mix to Feed 4 Species of Pet Birds?

I’m looking for a good quality seed mix for my 4 birds


Darryl Z. asks:



I’m looking for a good quality seed mix for my 4 birds – a CAG, a Yellow-Shouldered Amazon, a Meyers, and a Caique.


I’m currently using Vita Parrot by Sun Seed but it’s become really filthy over the years.

I actually, pick out the papaya because it’s so filthy and looks so gross, I don’t want my birds eating it.


So that’s where I’m coming from and I wonder if you could please recommend a few of your top mixes.



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Why is It So Critical to Know Different Pet Bird Species?

Why is it so important to understand the differences between bird species?


I’m not ashamed to say we get more deliveries from Amazon (like most Americans) then we care to talk about.


This week a new Amazon driver “Patrick” handed off an envelope then said “I’ve never been here before – this place looks cool.”



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Can Extended Loud Noises Hurt Your Birds Ears?

Editor’s note: full transparency, I don’t think we’ve ever covered the subject of pet birds and hearing.


Once again a loyal reader comes through with a potentially serious issue that until now we have left opaque.


Many of us take for granted that our birds can hear but exactly how good is their hearing, how has it evolved and how do they use it?


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