What Fresh Fruits, Veggies and Seed Mixes Do You Recommend?

What Fresh Fruits, Veggies and Seed Mixes Do You Recommend?

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Jeanette H. queries:

In addition to fresh fruits and veggies, what seed mixes, etc., do you recommend I provide for my 30-year-old Blue Front Amazon parrot, Willie?

Dear Jeanette

What are you feeding your bird now besides fruits and veggies?

I looked at past orders and see you have tried the cookable foods Worldly Cuisines plus some Treat Sticks and Harrison’s pellets.

We are very pleased with Higgins Safflower Gold Parrot mix and it suits our flock.

It has no sunflower seeds.

It contains all the rest of the seeds and such that pleases.

Jan H. replied

I’m giving Willie fresh fruit and veggies, Nutriberries, Dr.Harvey’s cubes, and a mixed seed/food/treat which I vary from time to time.

Plus, of course, some of what I’m eating to shut him up.

And I try to limit the people food to very little.

He doesn’t care about the cookable foods so I don’t mess with that anymore.

Dear Jan

Not all birds go for soft foods like the cookables.

The diet you are feeding sounds pretty good.

If your bird is fully feathered, plays, and appears to be doing just fine then, as they say, don’t fix what works.




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