What Is A Bird Safe Drain Cleaner To Use In The Home?

What Is A Bird Safe Drain Cleaner To Use In The Home?

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Lois writes

I have a product called Green Gobbler for drains–says it contains no VOCs, petroleum solvents, chlorine, ethoxylates, synthetic fragrance — so it should be safe to use in a household with parrots.

I Googled it and can’t find anything on it-just thought I would check with experts before using–don’t want to find out the hard way the advertising is less than correct. it is supposed to be eco-safe drain cleaner–“Green Gobbler”–have you heard anything negative?

Thanks so much!!


I have reached out to the manufacturer – stay tuned




The discussion of your drain cleaner came up recently.


Can you say without a shadow of a doubt that this product can be safely used in a home having a $22,000 Hyacinth macaw parrot as a resident?


Thank you


Hi Mitch

As long as you are not leaving an open container for the parrot to drink or eat from, there would be no issue.


But we do not test on animals, nor have tested the effects of the product on a Hyacinth Macaw Parrot.


This product is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable.


That doesn’t mean its to be ingested, it is a drain opener and that’s where the product should go.


Now if you were to mix our product with bleach or Drano, chlorine gas would be created and could be detrimental to the bird and your health.


As long as you use as according to the instructions and do not mix it with bleach or draino,you are fine.


Anthony Ferraro | EcoClean Solutions Inc | 877-416-6880

Direct Line – 1-929-265-6140


I asked about the product “Green Gobber”–I used it—it has no VOC’s, no ethoxylates. solvents etc. and it does the job.


No odor or dangerous chemicals at all. I thought I should ask before using but after reading the label I tried it.


It is made by ecoworks, if anyone wants to do more research.


I know how hard it is, most products contain dangers for our birds.



All the best


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