What Is the Lowest Temperature Can My 2 Greys Survive Outside?
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What Is the Lowest Temperature Can My 2 Greys Survive Outside?

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Grae W. wonders


Hello, I have two 21-year-old grays, that I have had since they were young babies.


They are very healthy and happy birds. In the winter months, in the south (NC), I put them out in their cage on sunny, non-windy days, if it’s above 47 degrees.


As their cage loses the sun, I bring them in, and put them on their perch, in a glass door walk-in shower.


I have asthma, so must not bring in their cage.


On damp, cloudy days, when they cannot go on the porch and have to stay in the shower space, I give them breaks in the great room/kitchen, on a table perch, for 30 minutes or so, when I can be with them.


They seem to be fine with this routine.


My question – how low an outdoor temp can they safely be put out in their cage for a few hours, in the winter, without getting chilled, and without being uncomfortable?


Thank you.


Hi Grea and thank you for writing.


Birds are a lot more durable than they are given credit for.


Just look at Quakers who survive brutal Chicago winters (and other cities) by building large communal nests.


2 quaker parrots in front of colonial quaker parrot nest


First off, that asthma thing ~ birds do no harm to asthmatics

I’ve written extensively on winter and birds so I’ll share with you what we know.


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Best of luck,


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