What Should I Do About a Cut on My Parrotlets Toe?

What Should I Do About a Cut on My Parrotlets Toe?

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Carol G. is concerned with her parrotlet’s foot,


Hi, My parrotlet has been scratching her foot to the point where she has a deep cut along the side of her toe.


The vet gave me Hibitaine to rub on it but doesn’t seem to have helped much.


She sits most of the day with her toe in her open mouth almost like she is trying to keep the area moist.


If she eats pellets she scratches it worse.


If I give her Lafeber Nutriberries she doesn’t seem to do it the same. I am at odds not knowing what to do for her. Any help sure would be appreciated!


Dear Carol

Sorry to hear of your little birds suffering. It is hard to tell what can be causing the problem. Hibitaine may treat a possible fungal infection but it can be drying and thus irritate the skin even more.


Try a small amount of coconut oil rubbed on the feet, a very small amount as it should not be able to rub into the rest of the bird’s feathers.


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You can also try a lubricating bathing spray.


Natra Bird Bath has natural preening oils in it to help lubricate.


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If pellets seem to cause more scratching there very well could be an allergen. If Nutri-berries don’t cause as much scratching, then yes, stop offering pellets and offer just the Nutri-berries.


TOPS pellets have few ingredients and are very good for birds with allergy issues and maybe worth giving them a try.


Have you looked at the perches in your bird’s cage?


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If you have straight wood dowel perches only then they could be causing the problem with pressure sores as the feet are continually touching down on the same place, over and over.


Switching out to rope perches or natural wood perches with varying thicknesses can help with that.




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