What Toxins Found in Peanuts Are Bad for My Bird?

What Toxins Found in Peanuts Are Bad for My Bird?

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Cynthia W. writes

I finally saved up money to buy a huge bag of roasted peanuts and now I’m worried about the toxins.

I thought roasted would help, but I guess not.

I purchased (for human consumption) from a company that seems legit Hampton Farms No Salt Roasted In Shell Peanuts, 5 lb. Bag Brand: Hampton Farms.

Are Peanuts a Hazard for Birds?

(Not hermetically sealed just in a ziplock bag) I hate to throw them out as my parrots like them as a treat. I guess I need to peel from the shell from what I read as the shell has most of the Aflatoxin.

I have an African Grey and an Amazon.


Are Peanuts a Hazard for Birds?


I feed them good food otherwise. What do you think? (I read your blog article and others)


Dear Cynthia

We have no problems with peanuts. Peanuts are included in the majority of pre-packaged bird food without issue.


We would be offering them ourselves if it was not for the difficulty in keeping them fresh and insect-free.


The shell is the funnest part ~ Video


We can get them in 25 lb bags and rebag into pound sizes for orders, but before we sell them all or even half, they end up becoming a breeding ground for grain moths.


We have tried a number of times with the same results. We have had to give it up.


We don’t find that there are issues with them from well-known established bird food companies like Higgins and Goldenfeast and have never had a single complaint, or issue with bugs or mold.

As usual, like the internet, you can hear more complaints about things than you will compliments because people are more likely to be more apt to complain online than sharing the good things.


It boils down to your comfort level of what you feed your birds. If you are not comfortable with them, don’t feed them to your birds.


Catherine Tobsing

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