What Wattage Bulb Do I Need to Calm My Amazon?

What Wattage Bulb Do I Need to Calm My Amazon?

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Chuck Y. has a question about avian lighting:

Hi Mitch, my yellow-naped amazon can be very mean at times so I am going to get him a full spectrum light.

He is 32 years old and I miss being able to handle him, I could do anything with him and not get bitten.

I have heard the YNA does get this way as they get older but I think I want to try the light anyway.

I have a fixture so I just need to get a bulb.

I have heard 15 watts is ideal, what is your suggestion? Thank you for bringing this up in your birdie brunch.

Great move Charles,


The light should be at least a hundred Watts, no further than 6 in above the cage and on a timer providing 12 hours of light and 12 hours of Darkness


Full Spectrum Economy Daylight Bulb 100 Watt (uses 23W)
Full Spectrum Economy Daylight Bulb 100 Watt (uses 23W)


Hope that helps

Stay safe



Chuck Y. responds a few weeks later:


Good Morning, Mitch, I want to update you about my YNA’s behavior since putting the full spectrum light over his cage.


He is still as aggressive as ever while he is on the cage but I try to sit next to his cage a little every day while working on a jigsaw puzzle and talking to him.


He is now getting off his cage and roams around on the floor.


His wings are no longer being clipped but he never really learned how to fly.



He will occasionally give it a try but has a hard time landing so he usually walks.


When I put my hand down he gets on it instead of biting it.


I have a round pedestal type stand next to his cage with some PVC perches I made for him, he will get on that stand and walk around the perimeter of it to get near me and when I put my arm to him he steps right up and I give him a real thorough neck and head scratch and a little treat or two.


He is fine unless someone else enters the room, then he starts to get a little nervous if they come to close.


Not afraid but ready to attack the person or me whichever is closest.


I hope to keep seeing improvements with him and getting him back to what he was when I first rescued him.

Thank you so much for your help in bringing him back. 

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