Are Ionized Air Purifiers Safe for My Bird and More Answers for You

Are Ionized Air Purifiers Safe for My Bird and More Answers for You

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More specifically

Are ionized air purifiers safe for my lovebird?

Absolutely not! (MitchR)

Although marketed as being able to “scrub the air”, these “ionizers” do not remove airborne dust to a significant degree but do generate ozone, an unstable oxygen molecule (O3). Read more:

This is my favorite air purifier for birds





From Denise M


Talk to your bird, engage.


Each bird breed is different.


A galah loves to chew and explore – beware!



Make sure there are always chew toys in their cage.


I’ve had to keep her caged a lot because of her destructive tendencies.


They will chew up your furniture and woodwork! 🙂


My African Grey Timneh needs socialization and attention.


She loves music. Both parrots love music and love to dance.


Dance with them!


Thank you for that Denise,


Your comments will be posted so other pet bird keepers, can learn a little more.




Mary L writes


Regarding the article Are birds happy/unhappy in cages?

I have 5 – 3 Greys, a Senegal & a quaker.

girl on floor with 3 juvenile African grey parrots


They are very content in their cages as they are a flock.

They watch Public TV or listen to the radio.

They can come out at night when I am present.

One grey may walk around the room or into an adjoining room but most prefer to stay on top of their cages & preen.


The cages are their security & home.


All are in good health, no feather picking, bathe by choice in their water dishes (I do spritz them occasionally.)


As they are housed in the basement of our home with windows with the sun streaming in the late afternoon I do not need an additional light as you have offered.


I used the lights in the past but found them not to make a difference. They have a regular schedule I. e. covered at 8 o’clock & uncovered 7:30 to 8 AM.


Also I am hands off i.e. do not never have stroked them, cuddled them but let them be birds not reliant upon me.


All will step up when asked to go into their cages or off the floor.


We have a respectful relationship – I’m a human & they are a bird don’t try to change them into abiding with our human needs.


Let them be birds & not try to make them into pets like a dog who you can train & alter bad habits.


I’ve had my flock from birth or rescue for 20 yrs.


You needn’t fix what’s not broken.


We love hearing stories like these, Mary





Lighting Tips for your new Lamp


To captainproton 


For the best effects please place the clamplight as close to the top of the birdcage as possible without the bird being able to reach it for safety’s sake.


To help with creating a hormone problem-free environment, set the lamp on a timer 12 hours on and 12 hours off which will maintain even hormone levels so your bird does not build a nest, masturbate or lay eggs.


We currently have our aviary on timers set to 7:30 am to 7:30 pm ~ check the video below.



This will remain the same Daylight Savings time.


Replace the bulb once a year as the effects will diminish over time. We do have replacement bulbs available.


Please note that NO bulb available on the market will provide D3 production for birds.


Vitamin supplementation is the only option for that. 


I hope this helps.


Please email if you have further questions.



Mitch Rezman

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