Why Does My Unclipped Scarlett Macaw Refuse to Fly?

Why Does My Unclipped Scarlett Macaw Refuse to Fly?

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Cissy R. is concerned,

Maxxi is a healthy 8yr old, female UNCLIPPED Scarlett Macaw who REFUSES TO FLY(she would rather climb down her 4ft. Perch and WALK over to me.

I know you would rather talk about smaller birds, but this seems to bother me only!

Do you think she’s afraid to fly?


PS: I’ll be looking for your response

We love talking about birds of any size Cissy 🙂 My spidey sense tells me that Maxxi is not refusing to fly but doesn’t know how.

This is true of many domesticated pet birds.

Fledging is when a bird’s wings are large enough for flight and at some point that gets tested.

Be it falling out of its habitat with an accidental bump from a sibling, nature uses fledging to teach birds how to fly.

It teaches them how to use their wings and where to land, trust me, all birds instinctively know how to fly which brings us back to Maxxi’s conundrum.

Flight lesson one

Hold Maxxi one foot over your bed and drop him.

He will instinctively extend his wings to slow the landing.

Do that a few times using a high-value reward like raw shelled sunflower seeds.

The next day try 2 feet.

If this course of action works out, introduce a step ladder to the foot of the bed to achieve altitude.

Big birds move quickly so expect he will fly somewhat.

A Better Bird Ep 13 How Bird Proof Is Your Home ~ Video

Ensure the room you are in is bird safe, in other words, no windows with a view to the outside or mirrors on the wall.

If you have a partner in the household, try using them to play “catch” with Maxxi, flying back and forth to one another.

Should you encounter any problems reach out and we’ll help you fix them.



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  1. Thanks for your response concerning Maxxi. Well,,,,,,,,she WON’T go for the, let me drop her AT ALL

    I guess she just doesn’t want to fly if she can find other ways to go from point A to point B

    I’ve had her from 8 wks, handfeeding…… I guess I have a walker! Don’t get me wrong, she will fly should she have to for a special treat, to hitch a ride…

    Thank you for your response,
    Cissy Rogers and Maxxi

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