Why Higgins Worldly Cuisines is Comfort Food for Your Birds

Why Higgins Worldly Cuisines is Comfort Food for Your Birds

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Old guy (70 on 3/7/2022) that I am I’ve always enjoyed a steaming bowl of oatmeal on a cold morning. What makes me feel warm at the beginning of the day is the same thing that will make your tropical bird a little more balanced in their counterintuitive environment that we call winter.

Call it “Comfort Food” for your birds.

There are fewer wild-caught parrots in captivity these days which means chances are, your bird was hand bred and fed yummy, soft gooey, hand feeding formula as a chick. Cooked bird food is a reminder of those comfy days just out of the nest. 

The soft, warm, nutritious blend of fruits, vegetables, and spices is easy on your bird’s crop which helps reduce the stress of an unnatural cool, dry habitat.

Higgins Worldly Cuisines are natural, healthy foods that add variety to a companion bird’s daily diet. Worldly Cuisines will transport your customer’s bird food to different parts of the world with human edible ingredients.



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The six exotic Higgins Worldly Cuisines contain wholesome ingredients like sea kelp, organic couscous, basmati rice, papaya, apples, cranberries, lentils, dates, tomatoes, anise, ginger, and more! There are even cuisines that include organic quinoa, known for being one of the best sources of vegetable protein.

Higgins Worldly Cuisines cook up fast on your stovetop and fill the air with an intoxicating aroma of different spices. Pet owners will enjoy the easy preparation of Worldly Cuisines but will participate in the satisfaction their bird receives in foraging and eating this unique food. 2 sizes are available in re-sealable, nitrogen flushed barrier bags.

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