Why Is My Bird Hiding From Me?

Why Is My Bird Hiding From Me?

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Birds act out at the most instinctual level – they are not playing games.


The original Quora question was:


“What does it mean if your pet bird hides under a table/chair?”


I found the first (and only) answer defines how little time humans take to understand these complex animals.


Citizen of Quora answer:


Bubba, In Her Favorite Hiding Place – The Closet


Your pet bird is hiding from you, whether it be in fun or otherwise.


If you and your bird are playing ‘hide and seek’, which Bubba and I always do, I pretend not to see where she has hidden, regardless of whether or not I can see her. When Bubba hides, I hear her ask, ‘Where’s the bird’?


When I find her, she says, ‘THERE’S the bird’.


Otherwise, if your bird is hiding from you, she may be afraid or ashamed.


(How do we measure birdie shame he asks rhetorically)?


Bubba hates to be scolded.


Bubba also cannot handle being told, ‘No’.


These expressions may cause a bird to try to hide.


If your bird hides for these reasons, I suggest that you use a soothing voice and coax her out of her hiding place, very slowly.


Classic brooding behavior 
note (sexually stimulated) swollen cloaca ~ video


MitchR responds in his usual timid way


It means your bird is broody and wants to be a mom.


Stop the behavior.


No sleeping huts in the cage or elsewhere.


Full-spectrum lighting over the cage with a timer 12/12 hours on/off.


How Pet Bird Keepers Get The Lighting Thing Wrong


If you see an egg, lock the bird in the cage for at least 72 hours with the light on the entire time.


Dump any eggs the hen has laid, they trigger “can I please be a mommy” needs.


Cover the cage at night.


Lots of fresh water but limit food at night.


Hope that helps.





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