Following Up on Last Week’s Conversation About Our Birds

Following Up on Last Week’s Conversation About Our Birds

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You are reading a blog.

Blogs are considered social media.

I consider myself a social media guy telling my stories to you, listening to yours.

We press the digital flesh every day on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

That said when I pop open a computer screen for the first time in the morning this is what I feel like. Anyone else?

Vintage Maxwell tape ad

A Maxell recording tape ad from the last century.

The sheer volume of people we have the ability to interact with today is simply overwhelming. Many small businesses fail in social media, unfortunately.

The reason is simple and I see it all the time. “Automated digital social media marketing”.

(“So where is he going with this you ask”)

Follow-ups are the results of Interactions with prior content. This makes social media far more organic than most people realize (Not to be confused with holistic)

followup 1

Popcorn our cockatiel got a clean bill of health from Dr. Ellen Tuesday night. The little paper snowshoe has been removed and her demeanor is clearly better. She’s enjoying preening her feathers much more so than trying to chew off that scary white thing on her left foot.

She wants to thank everyone for the outpouring of well wishes. She’s close to getting her own email account, but she’ll never be getting her own cell phone. 

Back to her normal fun-loving self

Redoing her cage before and after’s can be found here – this is going to be the after where we put all the toys, perches, and accessories back but in different places. I’ll be expanding on this in the next week or two.

This exercise is a reminder of what I take for granted, but things like making sure your perches are placed in the cage forward enough because if you have a long tail bird you don’t want the tail banging against the back of the cage, and neither do they.

It’s always easier with an assistant when attaching toys and accessories to the back of a cage especially when it’s a big cage. The Devil’s always in the details – more to come

Followup 2

Some good news regarding our post “The government wants to outlaw your bird

Potential parrot prohibition averted in Arizona.

American Federation for Aviculture formally commented on Arizona Game and Fish Department’s proposal prohibiting private ownership of all federally Endangered Species Act animals, including several parrots.

Mike Demlong, AZ Wildlife Education Program Manager, says that proposal was “included in error” and it was recommended it be deleted. Virginia recently passed a similar modification. There are now 25 states in which it is illegal to possess ESA-listed birds.

Not a follow-up but I didn’t know where else to put this.

The question is how to prepare a bird-safe pine cone?

Green wing macaw eating pinecone

Hi Bob

I suggest soaking the pine cones in a solution of about 16 to 1 water to vinegar for 15 minutes or so to remove dirt and bugs. Do not heat the vinegar because that will emit toxic fumes.

Let them air-dry overnight, a colander works well – once they dry well, then place them on a cookie sheet, cover with foil and bake for about 20 minutes at 150 – 200° which will get rid of the molds and bacteria – then you’re ready to roll the peanut butter slathered pine cone over a plate of birdseed or small pellets.

We prefer peanut butter over honey – less sugar more protein –

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