Am I Able to Bring My 2 Conues Hormonal Issues Under Control?

Am I Able to Bring My 2 Conues Hormonal Issues Under Control?

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Good afternoon Catherine, 

I’ve asked for your advice before my issue now is both my female conure (Reggie) and male conure (Pee Wee) aka Kiwi are both going through hormone season well.

Reggie was 1st and both were getting in the habit of screaming especially if they couldn’t see me so I did the 72-hour light treatment therapy.

When they were finished with the treatment things were OK but for the last 10 days, Reggie has been really hormonal in her cage.

She sits on my arm or the top of a chair and now Pee Wee is hormonal for the 1st time and he likes rubbing up to my arm and sometimes nips me they don’t want to play on their play stands.

I have the ones you sell online they each have their own, so I’m lost at what my next step should be another 72-hour treatment or is this something that cannot be fixed?

As long as they are of different sexes and my husband passed away 6 months ago I’m all they have and I don’t want to surrender them but the yelling and even sometimes the biting and now with the hormones.

It’s been a lot for all 3 of us to deal with if you have any answers I would really like to know I’m just not as intelligent about birds as you and your husband. 


Lisa N.

Dear Lisa

I understand how difficult it must be. You are doing all you can but Mother Nature is bigger than all of us.

Light treatment works, but only for so long before the situation arises again because nothing has changed.

You have a boy and a girl.

I don’t recommend Lupron shots or surgical options if there even are any, which can be ungodly expensive and very risky.

Make sure they have calcium in their water daily.

Be sure to not provide them with any nesting materials or dark cozy places. Keep the bright light on close to their cage tops and play areas. 12 hours on and 12 hours off.

The best option would be to rehome one bird into a home without another bird of the opposite sex. This would be hard on them, but may help them, her, live longer.

One other option is to go ahead and set them up with a cockatiel nest box and let them try to have a clutch.

But expect that they may lose their pet quality for good.

You can rehome them both to someone else. Your home will be a lot quieter.

That may or may not be what you would like.

It is a hard choice.

Hi Catherine, one thing I don’t have to worry about is my vet is the best it’s hard to get a new patient appointment.

She never turns anyone away and she does not believe in surgery or Lupron injections

Most vets around here do.

I was thinking of rehoming the birds but for my female Reggie, it would be her 3rd placement.

Kiwi my male, we bought him I just think it’s still hard that my husband is gone he was really close to him but I love him and her so much it’s like asking to give 1 of your children away.

There is a wonderful bird sanctuary that is very highly recommended I just think if I give Kiwi away he would get depressed even though they are great with birds it is something I have to seriously.

My health is not good but losing my husband and now one or maybe both birds is going to be hard.

I appreciate your advice I will let you know what I decide. 

Thank you again. Lisa.

2 covered bird cages with lights on under covers on top of cage

Hi Lisa,

MitchR here.

I will advocate light therapy once again but for 168 hours – 1 full week.

In for a penny in for a pound, it will also give you a well-deserved break from the birds and time to “figure things out.

Follow-up from Lisa,

Hormonal birds
Good evening Mitch

I see Catherine used my question about my 2 hormonal birds Reggie my girl GCC and Kiwi my Pineapple conure I’m just a little confused Catherine has always given me great advice and she said as long as they are together and since my husband passed Kiwi was very close to him and once in awhile will fly into his room and stand on top of his chair by the computer like he did with my husband.

So my question is Catherine thinks nothing will change and maybe I should surrender 1 of them but you think I should do 168 hrs.

They love flying around and being with me more than in their cages it seems harsh to put them in for so long and believe me it’s hard changing their water and food dishes they always fly out.

They will fly back in, if you think a longer time may help I will try it see Reggie picked me as her human friend and Kiwi was my husband’s so she gets jealous when he’s with me so I will try it I know nature is very complicated.

I would just hate to give 1 or both away having them here has really helped especially the first couple of months it’s been 6 and his bday was the 4th mine is the 7th and we are 20 years and 3 days apart that was always a family joke.

MitchR replied.

So in bird years, that’s a wink of an eye 🙂

Seriously, we’re able to stay in business because we don’t agree on everything and look at life in our own ways.

Every time Chili (Quaker) gives me a “love tap” and breaks skin, now that I’m on blood thinners I’ll think for a moment “What the fu*k am I doing!”

But then like a Ninja, I’ll clean the cut, hit it with Neosporin, and cover it with a waterproof bandaid.

Human’s relationship with birds is irrational and inexplicable.

In a former life I had Manlamuste and Huskies.

In the warmest of weather, a blown coat never matched the furry of 6 molting budgies.

The good news is we know “scientifically” light therapy has efficacy.

In your case, patience may be the foremost ingredient.



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