Are Lafebers Avi Cakes Good for Birds with Fatty Liver Disease?

Are Lafebers Avi Cakes Good for Birds with Fatty Liver Disease?

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Henie L. would like to know if Avi Cakes are good for birds who have had Fatty Liver Disease

For a little over a year, I have fed my Conures only fruits, veggies, and pellets.

The previous winter, I was stupid and simply fed them seeds.

My question is I have Avi-Cakes here that I feed my Parakeets.

Is it OK to feed any Avi-Cake to my two Conures?

They are looking good but still have some dull feathers.

They would, I know, enjoy a little Avi Cake. Thanks, Henie L.

Dear Henie

Very sorry to hear about your conures ill health.

It is not uncommon for new bird owners to not know any better and use a seed-only diet as rarely a bird seller will go into detail about proper diet, housing, care leaving the new owner to flounder on their own until hopefully, they figure it out.

Now that you have changed their diet for the better, yes, you can give them Lafeber Avi-cakes.


Avi-cakes are not seeds they are grain and (50%) pellet-based.

They will enjoy a bit daily.

We give our own small parrots, Chili the Quaker and Keto an African Ringneck a small piece (not a whole square) just before bed, and they then are content to be closed up for the night.



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