Can Parakeets Eat Raw Quinoa?

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Kurt N. inquires:


Can parakeets eat raw quinoa?


Some sites say yes some say no.


The “no” ones say it will swell up in their stomachs like rice.


But the rice one has been proven to be an urban legend. I ask though because quinoa is not rice.


Dear Kurt


We recently spoke on the phone.


I told you that quinoa will not “swell in a bird’s stomach”.

It is no different than any other grain.

Not all birds will eat raw quinoa due to the bitterness.


Allow me to expand.


The flavor is not always a problem.


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Birds have an average of 350 taste buds vs 9000 in humans.


If your birds don’t eat it, then consider rinsing and sprouting the grain or cooking it.


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I hope these ideas help with your budgie’s nutrition.





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