Chop for Birds – Feedback We Get on the Topic
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Chop for Birds – Feedback We Get on the Topic

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Jeffery D. observes


I think people need to know their birds need a good healthy pellet food and if people eat these fruits and vegetables then offer the bird some from time to time I suggest Roudybush if your bird is eating the food they need nothing else although I do offer my birds treats


Dear Jeffery


Thank you for sharing, we appreciate it.


Pellets do make feeding our feathered pets easier, taking out the guesswork of how much and how often, etc but what a sad life to only have pellets to eat.


We also don’t feel that ANY chop recipe out there has enough protein or other nutrients to sustain a bird either.


Finding a happy medium by providing pellets, seeds, nuts, and grains along with fresh vegetables and fruits can only provide a happy life.


Find the actual nutritional value of a popular bird chop here


We like the option of providing a dish of pellets, a dish with some quality seed mix, and a dish of some fresh vegetables and fruit daily mixed with a little vitamin powder.


Remove the fresh food after a few hours to avoid spoilage leaving the pellets and seed mix. If the bird won’t eat any pellets, then remove the seed mix partway through the day leaving the pellet dish for the remainder of the day and overnight.


Repeat it all the next day, every day.


Treats are good too, in small amounts so the bird doesn’t hold out and fill up on treat foods alone.


Before bed, at our place, all our birds get a treat before being closed up in their cages at night. It makes for bedtime not being no fun.


The two bigger birds enjoy a bit of Lafeber’s Avi-cake and our cockatiel like a little chunk of millet.


Currently, we are feeding our birds Higgins Safflower Gold. Parrot size for the Ringneck and the Quaker, and Conure size for the Cockatiel.


We also like to mix a little of a super premium formulated seed mix in with the Safflower Gold as well for variety.


We are currently using Goldenfeast South American Blend or Goldenfeast Central American Blend.


Thank you


I did not say pellets only. I do give them treats, I have a blue & gold that loves pine nuts and Brazil nuts and I peel sweet potatoes, boil them, blend them, take the pellets and turn them into flour. Mix the two, put the mix in silicone ice trays and freeze them. I make enough to last a couple of months and put a cube in the fridge every day. I spoon feed her the cube every evening been doing that for 4 1/2 years. She is 5 years old. I also fly her. She is my baby her name “P G”, pretty girl.


I have a pair of umbrella cockatoos, a scarlet with a blue & gold, a pair of redhead rosellas, 7 pairs of Quakers of all colors and a 35-year-old Derbyan Parakeet female. I’m retired and me and my wife enjoy birds and we try to let them all snack on sweet potatoes.


Thank you so much for the info! 


That sounds like a lot of work but I bet your birds are better for it.




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