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Do Birds Get Coronavirus? I Had It About a Month Ago.

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From: June S.


Subject: Re: Hi June ~ How to Remodel Cages to Reduce 2 Bird’s Hormonal Behavior


Hi Mitch,


Do birds get coronavirus? I had it about a month ago.


My two parakeets have become so quiet and sleep alot.


I changed where I keep them thinking a change would help.


Some but not much.


Can they know I haven’t been very well?


Thank God I have recovered any thoughts?




Hello June,



Here’s what we know:


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Can I Give My Bird the Coronavirus? Part 2

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Kudos for your recovery.


It’s unfortunate but the only way you know a budgie is sick is by finding him or her on the bottom of the cage one morning.


Make sure they are getting fresh flowing air and lighting over their cage on a timer for 12/12/ ~ on/off to help keep their circadian rhythms in check.


How Pet Bird Keepers Get The Lighting Thing Wrong


Stay safe




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