Do You Have a Sturdy Floor Lamp Base for a Ceramic Heat Bulb?

Do You Have a Sturdy Floor Lamp Base for a Ceramic Heat Bulb?

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Andi S. wonders about heat lamps: 

Hello, Do you have a sturdy floor lamp base for the ceramic heat bulb that you sell?

I have a yellow nape Amazon.

The vet says to have heat 80-85 degrees.

Which wattage will reach this temperature?

Hi Andi

We don’t offer a floor lamp for infrared heat lamp bulbs, only a Clamp On light or a Swag Light.

These light fixtures have a ceramic socket to handle the heat and bulb guard.


If the bird is out of the cage the hot infrared heat lamp would pose a danger and should not be used.


I’m curious about the vet recommending 80 – 85 degrees, that’s pretty warm unless the bird is ill.


Generally, if you are warm your bird is warm and if you are cold, your bird is cold.


There are alternatives like heated perches and warming panels.

African grey parrot on heated thermo perchBird Warming
Heated Thermo Perch for Medium Sized Birds

We personally use an oil-filled heater next to all our cages in the winter.

Stay safe



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