Does My Female Budgie’s Posture Indicate Her Hormonal Behavior?

Does My Female Budgie’s Posture Indicate Her Hormonal Behavior?

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J. J. H., II wrote:

Hello Catherine,

I have a quick question for you.

I have a female Budgie that I have had for over two years. Her birthday is in July.

For the past couple of months when she stands on my finger, she stands straight, puffs out her chest, and raises her tail. It looks like she is saluting.

It makes me nervous. After performing some research, (Cannot believe everything you read on the web) this action indicates that she at that hormonal stage. Every time I leave her cage, she circles me. YIKES! How long does this last?

Thanks in advance.


Dear Jonathan

Without seeing this behavior better, it is hard to tell exactly what is happening. But if it is just you and her, you are all she has and she may be considering you as a mate. But it isn’t going to go anywhere of course.

Budgies are flock birds and are not happy alone. You are her flock. Let her be with you. If you don’t want her to choose you and want her to stay in her cage. You can either have her clipped or get her a small mirror. She will bond with the mirror and not want to leave it much.

Mirrors and Talking Parrots

Can she be pet?

If so, be sure to keep your fingers to her head and neck only, Do not stroke her as that can be stimulating and can cause her to become hormonal. You do not want to get her to feel broody as egg-laying is not good for a single parakeet.

Is her cage in a well-lit place? Meaning, not dim or covered with a blanket or towel creating a cave-like environment? Dim cage areas encourage hormonal tendencies. Also, this time of year is typical for broody behavior and that should pass in a month or two. To help illuminate a dim cage, this simple light set up helps.

Catherine Tobsing

Customer Advocate, Windy City Parrot

Hi Catherine,

In reference to her surroundings. I keep the cage door open.

She is free to fly anywhere in the house during the day.

She gets very excited when I return home from doing chores. I call her, and she comes to me. She will sit on my finger/ hand, shoulder, and even the sofa or chair that I happen to be sitting on at that time.

I have tried to pet her, but she backs away. I back away, and she comes towards me. I leave her cage, and she flies around me. She allows me to place my finger on her beak, and we wrestle (gently of course).

She also enjoys sitting on our iPhone(s) as we browse the web. Basically, her flock consists of two human males. We both give her equal amounts of attention. When watching TV, she is between us, sitting at the opening of her cage. I think we turned her into a “perch potato”.

I do have three mirrors in her cage.

A lantern, mirror w/ perch, attached beads, and a medium-sized round mirror.

I have read all the negativity against mirrors.

However, we do not treat her as a fixture.

She is a pet and needs exercise, love, and natural attention.

I feel birds become obsessed with their mirrors due to their owners not spending enough time with their budgies.

Her cage is quite large and has no issues returning to her haven.

I have noticed lately, how aggressively she plays with her plastic beads.

To the point, she turns round beads into out-of-round beads. This has led to some concern.

As I was typing this email, she captured my attention to open her cage door.

In doing so, she flew to my hand and did that salute as I mentioned in my previous email.

I have taken a picture of her. She is not afraid of the camera, that’s for sure!

I believe I mentioned that this would be the first female bird that I have adopted.

She was young to the point where her bars were down to her cere. Speaking of her cere, when I first got her, it was light lavender.

Now, it has turned to a brownish color.

It’s sad that in the bird world, the female gets the short end of the stick when it comes to cere color. Surprisingly, she is active, if not more active than any male bird I have ever had.


Dear Jonathan

She is a beauty (see the featured image above) and it sounds like you have done well by her. I would not change a thing.

We wish you the very best and a long life with her.

Thank you for your business.



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