What are Fake Canary Eggs used for?

What are Fake Canary Eggs used for?

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Fake Canary Eggs are used to replace the real eggs in a canary nest while the canary is laying a new clutch. When the first egg is laid, carefully with a spoon, remove the egg and put it in a safe place, a small box or bowl lined with tissue or cotton. (a plastic spoon is thinner and easier to get under the egg without breaking it) Put a fake egg in the nest.

The next day remove the second egg, and repeat until the last egg has been laid, usually 5 eggs in 5 days. After no more eggs are laid, (the 6th day will tell) remove the fake eggs and carefully put the real eggs back in the nest. The reason for this is if the eggs are allowed to hatch one each day, by the time the last egg hatches, the oldest baby is big enough to kick out the smallest baby or shove it aside during feedings and can starve.

6 blue fake canary eggs

6 Fake Blue Canary Eggs 

Using fake eggs, then putting all 5 real eggs back in the nest, they will all hatch on the same day and they will grow at the same pace and Mom will be able to feed all her babies without having them in different sizes all vying for food. Be sure to supply additional foods for the babies to be fed by the Mother and possibly the Father if he is not aggressive and had to be removed.

Good foods include Higgins Proteen Red, and other nestling foods. Home foods can include oatmeal, wet whole wheat bread, oatmeal and other soft foods, cooked eggs can be used but must be removed daily to avoid spoilage as with all wet foods. Also, a human handling eggs or a baby bird causing the nest to be abandoned is a myth. The female may not return to the nest while you are watching but she will when you leave the room. Find fake canary eggs here Mitch Rezman

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