More Free Bird Toys & DIY Bird Toy Videos

More Free Bird Toys & DIY Bird Toy Videos

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Sometimes it’s just hard to rationalize spending money on bird toys that you know will be destroyed.

Gas prices are not going down soon and available funds that we have to devote to our pets seems to be getting diminished daily.

Search the term “bird toy” on Google and you get 7,300,000 results. Windy city Parrot like many sites offers bird toys with free shipping ( $49 minimum order on our site). Bird toy parts although getting harder to find are still available.

The question becomes “if my budget is diminishing, but my bird’s appetite for chewing bird toys isn’t, where would I find free bird toys and DIY bird toys?” This is the question that we asked ourselves and came up with the following collection of ideas.


When you think about it, bird toy parts are all around you. It’s important that you help your bird make a distinction between what is right and what is wrong to chew. Keep their cage filled with toys and you will have fewer (destructive) problems.


This brings us back to our original point. How do you keep your bird’s cage filled with toys when your wallet isn’t always filled with money?

We hope the videos below provide you with an abundance of ideas to get started.


Although we offer bird toys with free shipping you have to admit the free bird toys with no shipping is a much better deal. We put this video together quickly to give you an overview of some of free and DIY bird toys we showcase on


We’ll add some more over time. The list is endless. Simple things like putting your junk mail between the bars of birdcage, Tamale husks found that the local grocery store and just plain old drinking straws can help fill your birds foraging needs.


Using items you encounter every day can be a boon for your homemade bird toy collection.


Here’s a great way to make big parrot bird toy parts on the cheap. Ordering large bird toys with free shipping can still be expensive. In many cases, the shipping exceeds the cost of the heavy bird toy.


So it just makes sense to find an inexpensive and easy way to make bird toy parts on your own. Macaw bird toy parts are much bigger than parakeet bird toy parts but really don’t have to cost a lot more.

In the video below I demonstrate a quick and easy way ( if your tool guy or gal) to make DIY bird toys.


There’s one thing that you probably have an endless supply of and that’s toilet paper rolls. With a handful of other bird toy making supplies toilet paper rolls can become an essential part of your bird toy making parts arsenal. 

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of time. Other times you spent a lot of time making the toying your bird shows no interest in initially. T


his idea is a bird toy hanger of sorts. A half spray of millet is simply wrapped with some pieces of cardboard causing the cockatiel to forage through the cardboard in order to get to the spray millet.


If you’re a scrapbooker or you’ll love this DIY bird toy. Talk about cheap bird toy parts, how about some straws??

Although this isn’t a free bird toy it comes pretty darn close and although it requires several minutes of labor, having your parakeet assist you is always a big help.

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