Seeking Foraging Bird Toys

Seeking Foraging Bird Toys

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 Didn’t you tell me that you are low on “parrot foraging” toys”?. My son decided to make a couple of simple foraging toys for Danny.
Foraging toy is a vague term 
It is a bird toy that can be used to hold toys, treats, or just become torn up.
A lot of toys for parrots for years were made so they could not be destroyed like a chain with hard beads or a heavy bell, big plastic rings, etc, they lasted forever but were boring.
Now it is realized that birds, like humans, need something to do or can become pickers, aggressive, withdrawn, and a whole host of problems.
We have few plastic treat holding forage toys in stock and do need to correct that, but we are spending so much of our stock budget on bird food and accessories like dishes, water bottles, etc, that those toys (often pricey) have been allowed to dwindle, our fault entirely.
Destroy-able toys, chew up stuff, treat holders, any info would help.
We have a foraging category and a category for free and DIY bird toys

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