Phone book hanging in bird cage by chain

Free & DIY Bird Toys aka the Caged Bird Keepers Recycling Program

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You have a big bird but you throw out the 20 phone books you get every year (we get that many in Chicago)

Welcome to the pet bird keeper’s recycling program

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hi mitch

I use clothespins too but I have never been able to find out what the metal is made out of. Also, do the balloon weights have lead in them as the weight?

Some great ideas I have never seen before!!! Esp. the fortune cookie!!!

Other things I use that were not in the video are Dixie cups – just throw them on top of the cage or clip to the side with a treat. My Eclectus will spend an hour just pulverizing a dixie cup. He also enjoys destroying cotton swabs and soda coasters.


We just assume the metal in the clothespins is bad which is why we remove as illustrated in the video. Regarding the balloon weights. Assume nothing and you must ask of the origin – when in doubt – cut one open.

Dixie cups are great you can also stack them in place treats inside allowing your bird to work for food. We’re glad you enjoyed the video keep the great bird toy ideas coming.

Just add a Quick link and hang in the cage

Find more free & DIY bird toy ideas here

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