Are Sisal Toys Safe for My Caique Parrot?

Are Sisal Toys Safe for My Caique Parrot?

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From: Miriam

Good Afternoon Catherine & Mitch,

Happy Sunday!  Hope you both are doing well!

My Caique loves toys, toys, toys.

Prevue Pet Bird Toy 62376 Explosion

However, to keep up with the Caique demand, I run out of variety.

That said, I’ve noticed that a lot of the toys lately I’ve purchased have like nylon-looking threads that of course, he chews on. I’m assuming this may be ok but I definitely don’t want my baby to get sick (picture attached). Any advice?

Also, thanks once again for the advice given while my husband and I were away for 6 weeks.

Mango forgave me lol and we’re a happy family again. His transplant went well.

Thank you for doing what you do and the bird knowledge you provide to us which is much needed ♥️


Do you have the brands and names of these toys? That might be helpful too.

Nylon fibers are not safe. However sisal, cotton, raffia, sea grass, coconut fiber, abaca and a host of other materials are.

unnamed-1-2 unnamed-2

Looks like sisal, colored. It is fine. It is a short-fibered plant. Just be sure to keep the loose ends trimmed.

Lets check all our bird toys and accessories daily for safety

Take care,


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