Seeking Lovebird Harness

Seeking Lovebird Harness

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We have a harness for our Alexandrine parrot, which works really well for him. We also have two lovebirds in our family, and we’re trying to find a harness for the two little guys now, as our Alex likes outings so much, and we’d like to be able to extend that same privilege to our little ones, too.
Your picture shows a lovebird on its back with a harness on, but the smallest size you have listed is for a cockatiel, so I’m not sure that would fit our lovies, especially not the smaller of the two, who only weighs in at 43 grams.
Please notify me if you have a harness for a lovebird, as I definitely am interested!!!
kind regards,

Dear Bernie

The Aviator Harnesses are not recommended for lovebirds.

You can look at the Avian Fashions suits which do come in Lovebird sizes and add a lanyard to them. That would be the safest option.

The Flight Suits are at this link.

Thank you


Catherine Tobsing

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