How to Get a Bird Used to a Shower Perch

How to Get a Bird Used to a Shower Perch

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 I have posed the question to many bird friends on Facebook. Here are some replies. We will be posting a “cleaned up” version of this on our website to help others with the same questions.
Thank you for asking.
Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique

Kylie M mine hated the perch at first so I put it on the window near their cage so they could get used to the perch then i put them on the stand with treats then ( with a towel on floor) I sprayed them and they loved the spray then if the are no used to the shower I did the same in the shower spot with spray bottle only the later had them with the shower going a bit of a process but it is worth it
Bev P
The shower perch should be placed as far away from the water as possible. He should not be put under the water, just be in there with you. Depending on body language, you move the perch closer and closer to the water spray but it must always be the bird’s choice.
He should be able to go into or out of the water spray at will. Having a bath needs to be fun for him and it is not up to the human who decides when that will be but the bird. Most times just the mist bouncing of your head will make them want to bathe. The worst thing you can do is put him on the shower perch and then put the water on him. Tiny steps or approximations to the target behaviour which is “having a shower”
 Donna W I usually have the shower water going first and at the right temperature- cool to luke- then go in with the bird and place the bird on the perch.
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John W That is the same way we use one here Donna.
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Tricia D If the perch is much different from what the bird is used to, it can also help to have the bird sit on it in more familiar surroundings than the shower. It may be the shower rather than the perch that is the problem. I’d make sure the bird is comfortable
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Sherri K Actually, I start by putting them on the perch and then using the spray bottle and get them good and wet, they get used to the shower perch first.
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Cheryl H get in there with the bird and bring some treats along:-)
Megan L I got Bob on it by playing with it out of the shower and walking him around the house with it. Bob was pretty playful, so he had no problem checking it out. Then, when I put it upstairs in the shower he was all “heeeey, what are you trying’ to pull” but then gingerly stepped onto it and I started the water. Presto.
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Lisa M It depends on how receptive the bird is to the shower. I always perch them and start the water where it won’t touch them. THen slowly adjust it where they get spray off of me. If they get too spastic I let them perch up high on the rod
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 Megan L, I started the water without it touching him either, then put it close enough he could touch it if he stretched, then closer closer
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Margie Stone Jassy has one and she was deathly afraid of it at first. I would put her on it with no water while I or the kids were in the bathroom getting ready to go out. Then I would leave the sink water running while she was on it.
Then I turned the bath water on while she was on it (never getting her wet). All the while petting and praising her. Eventually I turned the shower on and she adapted to it. It took about 2 months.
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Andy Gooffybird Well, we have one & our Goffin Andy has not yet gone on it, but he LOVES to watch his daddy take a shower from on the shower rod; then we splash him a little up there, he gets all excited, half hanging from the rod & eventually he may go on it… We’ve used the shower perch in our living room area too & 2 of our 3 larger birds will step on it & watch outside from it which they like to do!
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Tracy M Okie was severely water-phobic so we are still working on that. Mister bottles only at this point.
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Jonathan W It really depends on your bird. Some will act as if you are trying to kill them when sprinkled with a little water…Others LOVE it. Some merely tolerate it. Horses for courses….
FYI my CAG hates it, but is happy to sit on the curtain rail watching me shower. 
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