What Are Those Dark Brown Bugs I Am Seeing Near His Birdcage?
the dusky lory is eating a bug

What Are Those Dark Brown Bugs I Am Seeing Near His Birdcage?

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Sue is concerned,


I’m seeing small, dark brown bugs which don’t bite in the low-level carpeting near his big cage, where his daily food is on a shelf bagged and sealed, or in plastic containers. Supplies are refrigerated.  


I tried spraying with white vinegar. 


Can you advise me on a debugger?   I tried to download photos but failed. 


Dear Sue

Typical grain insects are Weevils and Grain moths and their larva. Weevils have tiny pinchers on their faces.


They can come from spilled seed or seed that has gotten older and exposed to air and warmth.


(All bird seed grows outside and thus a large percentage has bug eggs in it and you have to use it up before life happens)


Neither are harmful but are unsightly and can get into your pantry items.


Other tiny black bugs may be Carpet Beetles.


A safe product to sprinkle on the carpeting is Diatomaceous Earth.


Only buy food or human-grade diatomaceous earth. Not pool grade.


It is made of fossilized freshwater algae.



You can find it at a large hardware store, possibly at a pet shop.


Sprinkle a bit into the carpet, the product will kill the bugs naturally.


Vacuum and repeat as needed. Don’t use a lot as it can be harsh to breathe in.


I hope this helps.




Mitch Rezman

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