What is a Good Green Cheek Conure Supplement?
Green Cheek Conure perched on a branch

What is a Good Green Cheek Conure Supplement?

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Susan S. is concerned about supplements for her green cheek conure:


I have a green cheek conure named Jax.


He will be 8 years old in December.


He was acting lethargic and ill.


I purchased Nekton-S multi-vitamin and put it in his drinking water.

Now he has a lot more energy and his feathers are more vibrant.


My question is should I put this supplement in his water every day?


Thank you so much.


Dear Susan

Yes, continue to give your bird Nekton SSounds like it is helping.


What else is he eating?


Susan S. replied

He eats Kaytee Forti-Diet Egg-Cite, Lafeber’s Nutri-Berries featuring popcorn and I give him bananas, apples, blackberries, and whole almonds.



Catherine replied

Dear Susan

The diet sounds fine. However, if you can get some vegetables in there, it would be great.

Skewer broccoli so it hangs right next to him, as he pecks at it, he will taste it.


You can also skewer cooked carrots, cucumber slices, raw corn on the cob.


I have also had luck with taking romaine lettuce, celery leaves on a stalk, stood up in a water dish with a clothespin to hold it in place in the water.


Stays fresh.


Please keep us posted about Jax’s progress.




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