Hawk Head Parrot – Handicapped – Help

Hawk Head Parrot – Handicapped – Help

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I just adopted a 4 mth old Hawk Head Parrot. He is deformed. Puts most of his weight in his right side. I wanted to get him a sleeping tent or ledge.

 Something he can rest comfortably in. He will be having X-rays and testing in a few weeks to see the extent. I just wanna try to make him comfy. He’s a very active parrot though the deformity doesn’t seem to slow him down!

What would parrot supplies would you recommend? Thanks!!

Your parrot was born as he was, he has nothing to compare himself with so he does not think he is deformed at all. He is lucky to have you.

I am not familiar with Hawk head parrots enough to be able to know if they will use a pet bird tent. Some birds do, some don’t. A bird hut he can enter without difficulties like the Snuggle Hut or the Scooter Z tent may be better than a bag-type bed like a Snuggle Sack.
Your parrot may prefer a solid surface as well. The Prevue corner bird cage perch may be well received. Or the Prevue Bird Cage Sun Deck may work well too, he can sit easier, but not in a tent.
Are you in any Hawkhead parrot forum groups online, done any research on what they like? Google Hawkhead parrot support or Hawkhead Forum and you may find some advice.

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