Should Our Greys Birdcage Be Covered at Night?
African Gray Parrot sits on cage and sleeps. Playful and affectionate bird able to talk. loving and friendly social companion bird. stunning dusty-gray color and looks quite similar to a pigeon

Should Our Greys Birdcage Be Covered at Night?

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Jim G. inquires:

For many many years, we have covered our Greys cage at night.

Then about 10 years ago I met a woman who is a certified African Grey rescuer. She said ABSOLUTELY NOT!

That parrots of course originated in natural environments and had to be at all times able to detect danger.

A cover would prevent this natural ability. So the cage should NOT be covered. I am eager to read your response!

Dear Jim

If your bird’s sleeping area is not where you walk back and forth past it all night long, people disturbing its sleep, perhaps in its own room, then no, it does not need a cover.


But if it is in the family room or you walk back and forth near the cage, maybe turning lights on and off, etc.

Then a cover is helpful to ensure a restful night’s sleep.

Find birdcage covers here


Covers are not meant to block out all the light and sound.


Just to create a “canopy” of cover like the bird would enjoy in a tree with leaves on it.


Covers help a little with avoiding drafts, but are not able to create warmth.


We use an electric oil-filled radiator on low for that in the colder months.


Or consider installing a Thermo Perch or Warming Panel.


Bird Warming Heated Thermo-Perch for Smaller Birds


Our budgies love their thermo perches.


I don’t agree with the notion that they need to be “on guard” during the night, so no cover.


Let your feathered family member be able to relax.


Covers have their place.


I hope this helps.





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