How Do I Improve My Bird’s Lighting?

How Do I Improve My Bird’s Lighting?

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Ling Writes:

Hi, I want to improve my Bird’s lighting, which is currently 2 screw-in compact full-spectrum bulbs.

I like the look and description of the Full Spectrum Economy Daylight Bulb with Clamp Light & Timer.

A couple of questions….can I hang it from the ceiling over her cage?

Does it need an additional fixture to do so? In your pictures, it looks like the light is sitting on top of the cage, but my bird’s cage (umbrella Cockatoo) has a dome top, and she also climbs on top of it.


If you want to take things to the next level here are some real
custom lighting I installed over 2 flat top birdcages ~ video


Do you consider this the best option for lighting?

Greetings Ling

For our application having the CFL lighting on top of the cage is safe because budgies are benign little birds.

That said a U2 is anything but benign.

dual full spectrum lighting over cockatiels playtop birdcage


In the installation above, the light is hung from the ceiling and a second from a perch over the cage so the actual fixture sits above the top of the cage.


For your purposes, I would hang it from the ceiling with a swag hook so it was just high enough over the cage to not allow beak contact.


I do consider it the best option for lighting but more importantly, it needs to be attached to a timer so that the lights go on and off every 12 hours with no respect for daylight savings time.

Three clamp on lights over budgie aviary

Alternate method

Best of luck


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