How Come My Cockatiels Are Picking on Each Other After 20 Years?

How Come My Cockatiels Are Picking on Each Other After 20 Years?

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One has a bald spot on her head. Both are female (both have laid eggs in the past) . They are allowed out but now they seem to stay inside or on top of their cage for most of the day. Do you think it is due to their age?


Dear Lauren


Some cockatiels can live to close to 35, but 20 is a ripe old age for them. You have done well to keep them healthy and alive for so long.



Due to selective breeding for mutations, some cockatiels may have a predisposition for a bald head. General the whiter ones over the grey normal ones.


However, it does sound like one of your birds is picking at the feathers of the other one. The only way to prevent this is by separating them.


If it is not a problem, meaning the bald bird is not suffering from cuts or scabs and is not seeming to be bothered by this treatment, it may be better to keep them together as they are bonded.


One other option is to spray or rub a picking deterrent on the one head.


Natra Nopick spray can help.


If the tiel doesn’t like the taste, she may leave the other birds’ head alone.


Best of luck


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